Environmentally friendly 

Targeting performances is key

Not forgetting above all our planet is better!



ECO-TREAT =Supplier of painting line

Patented technology : Clean in Line 96 dpi,  

Cleaning painting Jigs system, by the means of an in-line stripping robotized cabinet

Problem Solution

ECO-TREAT = Job coater with dry process

Formulation and application of spiked hydrophobic coating on customer request, for « easy to clean» and corrosion resistance function.

Customer Service

ECO-TREAT = Global offer

ECO-Treat as supplier of painting line : ECO-TREAT takes the lead for the complete system including jigs coating – Definition of cryogenic solution – automation – Installation and maintenance.

ECO-TREAT as Job-coater :  ECO-TREAT ensures the total project implementation and prepares the next coating generation with nomad process for preventing and avoiding the freight-logistics of parts throughout Europe. 

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