ECO-TREAT is an innovative company dedicated to upgrade specific and existing state of the art in surface treatment industry. We bring friendly solutions to enhancing performances and sustainability of metallic surfaces with dry processes technologies.

ECO-TREAT is willing to define a new state of the art for cleaning Jigs during the painting process. Thanks to combination of advanced polymers, cryogenics system and automation, in paint industry. This key innovation allows cleaning in line, for saving costs, handling, jigs lifespan, equipment availability and global environmental impact


ECO-TREAT  is focused on providing innovations in metal surface modification and enhancement technologies to a variety of sectors with complex challenges in high performance coatings requirements.


ECO-TREAT  highlights a market disrupting technology for the surface modification of reactive metals such as stainless steels, titanium and its alloys, aluminum, and more

ECO-TREAT relies on a cluster of appropriate and certified leading European partners for offering a complete solution including :

   - In line Paint stripping process

  - Implementation of hydrophobic coating


For ECO-TREAT innovation is a means of generating new ideas that make it possible to create sustainable applications and progress.


ECO-TREAT  is pursuing this policy, in relation with academic world, aimed at extending new processes with added value for customers. This is a follow-up to the program's series of activities in support of “factory of future”

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