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  • Permanent bonding of FAAX coating on metallic substrate
  • Sustainable Hydrophobicity for paint adherence limitations
  • Wear, chemical and thermal resistance,
  • Conductivity can be improved for dissipating electrostatic charges

Faax fonce 96dpi Moyen

  • Eligibility of substrates for application of FAAX coating  and automated stripping process, in an existing painting line
  • Perequisite experience plan for :
    • Compatibility between paint and a small faaxed template with the right media
    • Define the right number of conveyor loops before launching the stripping process
    • Check, with manual method, the stripping time-cycle for a jig


  • Identification of Jigs at the entrance of cabinet, 
  • Paint hurting always for fracture initiation of overspray thickness
  • Determine the right parameters for pression, nozzle design , distance and angle with substrate, robot-arm trajectory in order to ensure a stripping time-cycle in synchronism with conveyor speed
  • Ensure the collection of solid overspray
  • Check final cleaning of jigs by brushing and blowing at the output of the cabinet

 Process parameters

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