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In the field of material and processes, ECO-TREAT is focusing on next generation of metal protection with Custom coating development approach, for “easy to clean” and Corrosion resistance functions. 

The surfaces of interest are metal (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium), some of which are anodized. For paint industry, Jig profiles are selected based on their ability to withstand assault by the applied protocol of our advanced polymer.

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We use inherently easy to clean surface to resist adhesion by paint and stain and to render surfaces easy-release/ easy to clean.
Twofold objectives:

  1. Preventing blowback and ambient paint and coating from adhering to the surfaces of Jigs and nearby machinery.
  2. Making these surfaces easier to clean

Our advanced polymer treatment will release any adhered coatings with a minimum of cleaning effort. It will not need to be renewed during the use of the Jig and surrounding surfaces, before 3 years and will extend the jig life


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Today, our standard functional coating is a sustainable hydrophobic copolymer with water contact-angle between 100° and 140°, low friction coefficient (0,15) wear resistant and 200µ as typical thickness.
Today, parts recourse to innumerous comings and goings throughout Europe before to be coated.


Tomorrow, capacity to implement these functional coatings with nomad, manual or robotized means (Mobile Treat fonce 96dpi Moyenprocess), is opening up markets that weren't necessarily closed, but were more difficult to operate in.
So, ECO-TREAT will extend new developments and applications in Energy, Transportation, Construction, general industry…markets, in addition to Automotive

Environmentally friendly


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